So finally I'm done with one of the things on my 2012 Checklist. Done with my driving lessons last March and yesterday, I'm finally a certified and legal driver. I passed the written and practical exam and was able to get my Non-Professional driver's license in just a total of 4 hours. LTO is not that slow in processing after all. It felt good that I was able to acquire my  license without going through a fixer or someone whom you can pay to process your documents. I was able to save around PHP2000 plus the satisfaction after all the efforts done to complete this process. Good Job Kim!

I've always wanted to have my own logo for my blog or probably something I can use as a trademark when I start my own business. My concept is anything elegant,classy, pink, dainty and chic. I've come up with the DL logofor my blog and email signature that I'm currently using but I'm still working on some other options that I can use for my future business. 

So here are some of my choices..
Just sharing..the colors, the texture and the concept is sooo me. I wish someday I'll be able to organize something like this for a baby shower, my daughters birthday or maybe my bridal shower...

Talking about sweet tooth? definitely Elmer and I owns one. Cakes, Chocolates, Smoothies and Pastries are our weakness. We've once talked about having our own business and a coffee shop or a pastry cafe is on our top list. I've been eyeing to buy and almost got tempted to purchase my own oven to start my baking experiment. But I did not get my impulsive buying skill get in the way.. instead, I need to start collecting recipes first and condition myself if this is really what I want to do.Maybe baking for friends and special occasions would be a good start and just let the word-of-mouth do the marketing. And when orders would come in, then I can decide if we ready to take a step further and get our own place for the cafe. Sounds a plan, huh? but wait and see when this plan make into a reality.

    Say it again..

    Inside me lies the courage to live the way I imagined


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    Hi, I'm Kim and this is my blog.   I'm a strong believer that "Everything happens for a reason, at the right place and at the right time-in God's perfect time" but it should also come hand in hand with perseverance, hard work and most importantly..Faith..   
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