Talking about sweet tooth? definitely Elmer and I owns one. Cakes, Chocolates, Smoothies and Pastries are our weakness. We've once talked about having our own business and a coffee shop or a pastry cafe is on our top list. I've been eyeing to buy and almost got tempted to purchase my own oven to start my baking experiment. But I did not get my impulsive buying skill get in the way.. instead, I need to start collecting recipes first and condition myself if this is really what I want to do.Maybe baking for friends and special occasions would be a good start and just let the word-of-mouth do the marketing. And when orders would come in, then I can decide if we ready to take a step further and get our own place for the cafe. Sounds a plan, huh? but wait and see when this plan make into a reality.

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    Hi, I'm Kim and this is my blog.   I'm a strong believer that "Everything happens for a reason, at the right place and at the right time-in God's perfect time" but it should also come hand in hand with perseverance, hard work and most importantly..Faith..   
     I'm a daughter, a sister, a mother and a dedicated girlfriend. I'm a career woman, an artist in secret and a frustrated blogger