As what I have posted last week about my plans for this year.. I'm now making my checklist and since this year is my year-yeah, I'm born on the year of the dragon,  I'll try to be more ambitious.
I'm really hoping that Eho will support me on this or else, I'll have more X's than checks...

  1. Twice or Thrice a week exercise
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Driving lessons
  4. Hongkong Trip
  5. Out of town trip-Camotes, Bohol, Moalboal
  6. Upgrade my laptop
  7. Upgrade my digicam
  8. Start a little business
  9. DIY headboard, photo wall, etc.
  10. Hotel and Resort membership
  11. Avail of Insurance for parents
  12. Open bank account for yanna and for myself

So here's just a couple of things on my check list and I'm sure there's more to be added. Looking forward on accomplishing these things this year. 

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