Can you ever predict how you'll feel every single day? Or can you decide how you want to feel today?

how I wish we can.. well maybe other people can.. but Me?? not really sure. 

Today, after sleeping for almost 8 hours, I still woke up with a sleepy head. How can that be?
Usually during my first few hours at work, I'm full of energy and all ready to get busy. But today is different.
When I arrived at my desk, prepared my tools and read a couple of e-mails, I felt my eyes nearly dropped.
I can't be sleepy at this hour of the day! I just started my shift.
While reading my mails, it seems that the letters are scattered everywhere. I can't concentrate and no matter how I keep myself from sleeping- played loud music, talked to my agents, listened to calls, I just can't control my eyes from closing. I just remembered those college days, class after lunch time with a boring subject coducted by a boring teacher and full stomach? Ohh the agony of waiting when the bell would ring.. that could be the longest hour of your college years.

While writing this blog, I'm still feeling sleepy and no matter I convince myself not to feel sleepy.. It absolutely is not working... I guess " Mind over Matter" does not apply to everyone after all.  ZZZzzzzz.....

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