1. Remember that every woman is different
  2. Every bit of me believes I can do wonders with my body, my being, my life.
  3. Believe in the kindness that lies in everyone.
  4. Everyday, I can strive to make a difference in my surroundings.
  5. I have the capacity to love to the fullest
  6. I always keep in my heart and in my mind that I can be loved the way I deserve to be
  7. Inside me lies the courage to live the way I imagined
  8. I believe in the power of love, and even more so in my own power to let love overflow.
  9. If only I will myself to do it, I can make it work
  10. i deserve the good things that come in my life.
11. My belief in the positive will attract abundance.
12. Change starts within me
13. I may have no power over the future, but I have the freedom over the choice I make
14. I believe I can make things happen
15. A big difference can start in the small things I make.
16. I accept my imperfections for these are the things that make me who I am
17. I believe in my capacity to learn from my mistakes, to stand up when I fall, and to bounce back higher every single time
18.i know that each one of us has the chance for redemption, even after the worst has come
19. Life has enabled me to paint my world with color, make a splash and leave big, bold strokes wherever I go.
20. I believe in my personal taste, in the choices that I make and in knowing that these little things make me the person I am today.
21. Everyday, I make room for boundless imagination; for every day is another opportunity to create, color and consume beauty around me.
22. I am a woman and I know my limitations, but more than that - i know what i am capable of.
23. I am responsible for the actions I take and for the choices I make in life.
24. I enjoy my freedom to live and to love.
25. Every once in a while, i go beyond the lines, I break boundaries, i make history.
26. I belive in the power of uncontrollable laughter, of not minding if your happiness is spilling over the next table, of uncontainable moments that money can't buy.
27. Circumstances may fail me but I believe I can make things work even if it's not according to plan
28. Pushing anger and worry away will only allow me to make room for happiness and love.
29. Life is a series of collisions, breakages and mistakes but with each encounter, I become stronger and wiser
30.Reinvent yourself everyday, with every chance- if only to know what you want, what your are, what you can be
31. As a woman, I can ease myself in and out of situations, and be able to discover my strengths and weaknesses through the process.
32. Sometimes running away, saying no, putting a stop can also equate to victory- if i know that it is the right thing to do in that very moment.
33. In life, I believe that we get what we need the most,
34. I put my faith in the value of truth- that to be truly free, one must learn to be true to oneself and not to be afraid to show it to the rest of the world.
35. Hurting can teach me so much, and the pain in my heart is a teacher I carry with me as I go through life.
36. I may be wounded but I knwo that if I keep my spirit unbraekable, I would be able to withstand all the storms that would enter my life.
37. I believe in the value of great friendships that have surpassed unreasonable fights, jealousy and senseless ramblings.
38. As I love again, each time is a new and different experiences to learn from and to cherish.
39. I don't believe love is overrated because love is supposed to be powerful, overwhelming and all over the place
40. Healing takes time but I know that by the end of it all, I will come out a better woman.
41. I believe in the importance of knowing what I want and even more, of going for it.
42. I value my dreams for these are the blueprints on my tomorrow.
43. Yes, a woman can be fickle at times but it is only because we enjoy the choices life gives us.
44. I make the shots for myself,- becuase I have the power and that, in the end, I am the sole responsible owner of myself.
45. I bask in transporting myself ti childhood- in enjoying innocence, embracing bliss without questions, loving purely and laughing at the littlest things in life.
46. I keep my worries at bay, because they would hinder me from going after my dreams.
47. Practice conquering life in small strides, in enjoying the moment and living life as it comes along.
48. I believe in the sheer power of fun- of staying up all night, drinking until sun comes up and dancing without a care in the world.
49. Never stop learning for in this world, we never ever run out of questions to ask, experiences to conquer, new people to meet and even recipes to relish
50. I belive that to attain peace of mind is to let go of negativity and exude positivity in so many ways.
51. I respect others' beliefs, cultures and tastes for their choices are just as good as mine.
52. I believe in the power of travel, of learning beyond what the books dictate, and of experiencing first-hand what life has to offer
53. I believe in letting sunshine come in through my windows, but I also believe that every once in awhile, I need to let the rain come in,
54. Know that sometimes, a single kiss can make you feel better a hundred fold.

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    June 2012