Have you ever encountered those moments when you happen to pass by a store and checked on the items on the rack but has really no intentions of buying? But when you spotted that cute dress,the elegant shoes in the corner or the perfect purse.. you just can't let go of them from you grip-afraid that someone else might get it.. and that satisfaction--ohh yes.. the delight on your face when the girl behind the counter would seal the bag and hand it over to you-- Thank you for shopping!!.. That's what i exactly felt last week when I spotted this cute journal in the bookstore. Do I need one? What will I write on it? Do I really have to buy it now?Nahh.. i'll just buy it someother time. No, I have to buy it now.. And Whallla!!Paid and Sealed! No one can ever stop me from buying my lovies..

I dont know what's with Paper Pads and Pens that my heart melts everytime I see one. The clean sheets and the colorfull pens just gives the hope that life will never be boring as long as I have them both. Having the freedom to write anything you want, having someone who can absorb all your emotions is just a something I can't trade anything for. 

So when did I start collecting or shall I say fell in love with journals? Back when dad was still working out of town and I was still in grade school, everytime he comes home, he always bring something for his girls. From clips to stickers then the stationaries. We always look forward for the stationaries. It's something that he personally hand picks just to make sure that his girls gets the best designs available. He would then ask us to close our eyes to make it more exciting and for the purpose of us not quarelling over who got the better pads. The excitement and eagerness of our faces to see the designs would turn into delight the moment we opened our eyes. It went on that way for a couple of years. Maybe that's where I got my love for papers and pens. I then started collecting notebooks and paper pads with cute designs. I just can't get enough of them.  It's not just the design nor the pleasing covers.. it's the memories and the untold stories that are yet to be written.

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