Started my day with a very stressfull morning.. stressfull 'cause i waited 20 minutes for the bus plus im already late for work. And since I was in a hurry leaving home, I wasn't able to prep myself..so in short.. i looked terrible.. When i finally got in the office and went straigt to my desk.. Tannanann...
A GIFT!! one for me and one for JR-my co-lead.. It's from our SM Rianne.. so sweet of her to surprise us with this nicely wrapped gift..Excitement overpowered my stress that morning.. just by looking at the nice wrapper that she used plus the color combination of pink, neon green and yellow... IT'S SOO MEee!!!Can't wait to open it.. It must be good day after all!!
Me+GifT= Happy Kimmy :)

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    Hi, I'm Kim and this is my blog.   I'm a strong believer that "Everything happens for a reason, at the right place and at the right time-in God's perfect time" but it should also come hand in hand with perseverance, hard work and most importantly..Faith..   
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