A week before Christmas, a friend recommended that i should go to Country Classics near Cafe George in Banilad since they're on sale and items are really nice and afforadable. From work, Elmer and I went straight there and indeed the store is "Sooo MeE". Most sale items are wine glasses, xmas plates and kitchen wares. But in a corner i found this IKEA jars for only P 149.00 for a set of 4. Didn't think twice of buying it since I know I can use it either to store my buting-tings or put something inside and make it as a decoration. Here's what I'm planning to do with those cute little jars..


...my LOVEinet
Last Jan 1, 2012, I decided to purchase a cabinet for myself since the cabinet that Yanna and I are sharing can't hold the tons of clothes that we already have. I saw one at Gaisano Mall for onyl P 2500 and find it perfect since not only I can hang my clothes, there's also 3 medium compartments to store my bags and other stuffs. I like the clean, wood-effect design of the cabinet but I'm planning to change it ta a "Soo MeE" cabinet. I'm planning to have this design but I need to get approval first from Elmer if he's fine with this plus I also need to think it over 'cause after i change the look of the cabinet, I can no longer bring it back to the original design.

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