I spent almost 5 hours yesterday blog hopping and getting perfect ideas for my new born blog. I've been thinking of things I want to do this year and as what Eho suggested, "List everything and anything you want to do this year, and we'll try our best to make it happen".. and yesterday, with full conviction plus an inspired heart, I have decided to take a big step on blogging. Since Eho bought me the lappy..two of the purpose where for me to start my blog and read my ebooks. So now let it serve its purpose! I am truly amazed with the blogs I read yesterday and I can't wait for me to be able to write just like them. Could be they're just inspired? Wide readers with lots of ideas in mind?.. or just spending their time blogging about anything under the sun. Whatever it is.. I know I want to be like them.. I've always wanted to keep a journal of life's everyday dose.. and it's happening now.. right at this moment!

    Biggest dilemma I have now is the accessibility and convenience whenever i plan to blog. I'm now using ASUS A52F-X3- the one that honey bought as a 2nd anniversary gift for me. I love that lappy but it's just too heavy for me to put in my bag and bring it anywhere I want. I'm planning to sell it and buy a netbo0ok instead 'cause with the light weight of the netbooks, I can blog anywhere I want. But now I have to settle first with my Asus and office desktop- (goodluck to the IT peeps..).

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