I've been wanting to take blogging seriously this time and hopefully post at least one entry per day. So here are some of the topics that I can start with
  1. How I’m feeling today
  2. What gives m e ho pe
  3. Ways to feel better today
  4. What it feels like to be a ________
  5. Quote of the day
  6. I am anxious about…
  7. Why having a pet’s been good for me
  8. Book review
  9. Am I doing this right?
  10. Pick a word and write about it
  11. I found an interesting blog/web site
  12. An observation I made
  13. My favorite color
  14. How can I improve my week?
  15. Gratitude
  16. Thing(s) I’m frustrated about
  17. A childhood memory
  18. Thing(s) I’m happy about
  19. Why I chose to do_________
  20. I like this song because….
  21. I learned that….
  22. Maybe I was wrong
  23. A person I admire
  24. things to-do
  25. My take on a current event
  26. I am special because….
  27. things not to do
  28. my own signs of when things aren’t going well
  29. I laugh about…
  30. basics of my illness/condition/etc.
  31. What I didn’t expect
  32. my wish list
  33. stuff I’d like to try
  34. What I regret
  35. My dreams
  36. Why I made the decision I made
  37. There’s more to life than this
  38. What I’ve learned from my pet
  39. I want….
  40. Ways to improve my blog
  41. Something I’d like to remember
  42. Ways to improve my life
  43. What makes me ‘me’
  44. What I really want to say
  45. I cry because….
  46. Something I’d like to forget
  47. Today, I plan to….
  48. When I found out __________
  49. What needs to change
  50. I believe…..

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