Today, I woke up with a message from Honey. "Have something for you later :)"
Lately he hasn't surprised me with anything yet.Although,can't deny that he's always good in giving me surprises,. This time I'm thrilled to know what he's up to.As he picked me up from the office for our daily brunch date, He handed me a box of Sweet Little Things Cupcake with a message "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake". 

A perfect quote to wrap up my month. This is indeed a stressful and draining month. After all events that took place this month plus the stress at work, I definitely need a breather. I was thinking of maybe having a fancy dinner or treat myself for a massage. But I guess I don't need those anymore. Afterall, everything I needed is a sweet cupcake, packed in a little brown box, delivered by the Man I love.

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