Being the youngest in the family, I may sound too assuming, but I felt that I got most of my parents attention. They said I grew up being a spoiled brat. Always insisting on getting what I want-from toys, to having the most savings in the piggy bank even up to the smallest things that would come up in my mind. I must and will have it.  Getting the youngest child special treatment, it felt really good and on which I gladly took advantage of. I've always enjoyed the care and on how my parents paid attention to what I want and what's best for me. Knowing that I have my loving parents beside me for the past 23 years to guide, support and love gave a different security level that every daughter needs.

I've never valued the importance of having and being a sister not until I entered college. Way back in my early years, I was so busy minding my own self. Too overwhelmed and busy enjoying my teenage years. A lot of time was wasted in hanging out with friends rather than spending quality time with my sisters. It was a mutual scenario with my  sisters. Fast forward when we were all grown up already, thats when we got to enjoy each others company.
Knowing that there's someone whom you can run to when everyone else has turned their back on you is the best feeling any sister can embrace-no matter what time and whatever the circumstance is. 

I was never prepared, it happened at a so not perfect time and it came as a shock to me and everyone else. What does a 16 year old-single mom know about motherhood? But do I have a choice? Can I still get out from this situation? Too many questions that I'd rather leave unanswered and won't bother answering. Here I am now, a single-happy-momy for six years to a six year old princess. What it feels like? Too many words to descrive the feeling but I guess to sum it all, I'd say COMPLETE. 

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