Today I received my daily subscription of Mind4Joy: Thoughts on Living with Joy and Purpose in my email. What a good way to start my morning. Today's article is about how you want to be happy and live a positive life. Everyday is a battle. Someone might be fighting a tough one..but there's got to be a minute of our busy and crazy day that we want and will feel better. I started my day playing tracks of Boyce Avenue which I downloaded the night before.. It's my first day of the week and I thought playing some great tracks would set the mood right.  I also took my lunch alone and at an earlier time than usual. I feel better when I spend time alone and just have my time all for I spent 30 minutes inside the ladies room, with my music on, I decided to do my girl thing there rather than usually doing it at my station. Just enjoying my time alone for a couple of minutes indeed made me feel better today.

Sometimes, because of the overwhelming happenings in our day-to-day life, we tend to forget the value of small things that will make us truly feel better. Just those simple gestures from our co-workers, the simple take-care from our loved ones, the quick "Hi-Hello" from friends and the short and sweet kiss from our special someone is enough to make our day better than yesterday. So go ahead, make someone feel better today. It's never too late.

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